Having a socially distanced wedding, private party or corporate event, and looking for the perfect entertainer who can make it that something special? Armed with an eclectic catalogue of rock, pop and Motown hits, to musical classics and sing-along anthems, Jefferson would love to be a part of it!

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From high-energy rock, pop and Motown, to musical classics and sing-along anthems, Jefferson's eclectic live show has to be seen to be believed. You simply cannot leave the dancefloor for fear of what you will miss. Whether it’s his hilarious patter or his unparalleled audience participation, Jefferson spends as much time off the stage in the crowd as he does on it. Years of work have gone into creating and shaping his highly entertaining show, and you will agree that it was worth every second!

So, if you are having a socially distanced wedding, a party or a corporate event, and are looking for the perfect entertainer who can make it something special... Jefferson would love to be a part of it - Book him today...

Having an online party with your friends and family via Zoom or Skype? Don’t let social distancing stand in the way of having a great time. Book Jefferson for your online event today and get your party started! 

Jefferson's full song list is available on request and will also be sent to the email address provided upon receiving your booking (Please Note: Jefferson is always adding up to date songs to his repertoire and is happy to take specific requests where possible) 

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Booking Terms and Conditions

If you do not understand any part of these ‘Terms and Conditions’ please contact us via the Quick Enquiry form. 

Once a booking has been confirmed with the ‘client’ and Jefferson VERBALLY, ELECTRONICALLY or in WRITING, both parties will be subject to a legally binding contract consisting of the ‘Booking Contract’ and the following non-negotiable ‘Terms and Conditions’. Non-return or non-completion of the ‘Booking Contract’ does not terminate the agreement.

Clause 1: Definition 


The following definitions refer to the ‘Booking Contract’ and these ‘Terms and Conditions’. Wix Events acts as negotiator between the ‘client’ and Jefferson. Therefore, Wix Events is not a party to the resulting ‘Booking Contract’ itself. Therefore, Wix Events does not accept responsibility for non-fulfilment or breach of any such contract. 


Clause 2: The Booking Process 


Once the booking has been confirmed with the ‘client’ and Jefferson, Wix Events issues the ‘client’ a ‘Booking Contract’ for signature. This should be checked, signed and returned to the email address provided by Wix Events within 7 days. Jefferson will then also be issued a ‘Booking Contract’ and will also check, sign and return it within 7 days. Upon receipt, both copies shall be filed by Wix Events. The ‘Booking Contract’ may be modified with agreement from all parties concerned. However, alterations should be notified to Wix Events who will continue to act as negotiator in advance of the event. Where necessary the ‘Booking Contract’ may be reissued. 


Clause 3: Payment of Booking Fees 


The booking deposit and signed ‘Booking Contract’ are due within 7 days of issue and unless specified otherwise in the ‘Booking Contract’, the remaining balance should be paid to Jefferson on the day of the event before their performance commences. If Jefferson does not wish to collect payment on the day then the client must pay the balance of the booking fees to Jefferson or a nominated bank account 2 weeks prior to the event. 

If a payment due to Jefferson has not been received in the specified time, Jefferson may terminate the ‘Booking Contract’ without penalty.


If the booking deposit has not been received within the allotted time (7 days) this may be perceived as a breach of contract and free Jefferson from contractual ties. 


Failure to pay Jefferson the remaining balance within the terms agreed in the ‘Booking Contract’ will automatically result in a late payment administration fee of £25 being charged to the ‘client’ by Wix Events. This payment will be added to the outstanding balance and should be paid within 7 days. For every 7 days thereafter, and to a maximum of 14 days, a further £25 shall be added to the outstanding amount. In addition, if a cheque paid to Jefferson on the day of the event does not clear (i.e. it ‘bounces’), these charges shall also become applicable, plus, any costs incurred by Jefferson’s bank for handling and administration. 


Where the outstanding balance has not been paid within 14 days, the amount may be sought via legal processes or referred to a debt recovery agency by Jefferson, which will incur additional fees. Wix Events is not responsible for the collection of booking fees due to Jefferson. 


Clause 4: Expenses


Where the ‘client’ has agreed to cover additional expenses (i.e. accommodation) they must be repaid to Jefferson within 28 days of the event. This is provided receipts and invoices have been forwarded to the ‘client’ by Jefferson in reasonable time. 


Clause 5: Client Responsibilities 


The ‘client’ must ensure that the performance venue is able to provide a safe source of power, a safe performance area, and that they can accommodate the performance of Jefferson by possessing appropriate licenses and no inhibiting noise limiters. If non-performance or a below par performance results due to venue restrictions, the ‘client’ will still be liable for the total fees. 


The ‘client’ should ensure these requirements are investigated prior to the confirmation of any booking and any relevant information disclosed by Wix Events.


Furthermore, it is also the responsibility of the ‘client’ to ensure that Jefferson is provided with free parking facilities at the performance venue for all vehicles associated with his act. Should no free parking be available the ‘client’ is liable for any parking charges incurred.


It is also the ‘clients’ duty to ensure that Jefferson is provided with adequate refreshments throughout his stay at the performance venue. The minimum that must be made available is a free unlimited supply of mineral water and soft drinks for Jefferson and his party. Whilst the hot meal or buffet is negotiable for wedding bookings of 3 hours duration or less, mineral water and soft drinks should always be provided. 

The ‘client’ must also ensure that there is an adequate area for Jefferson to change in and store equipment and / or instrument cases. The area should preferably be lockable and include chairs for the entire party and a safe source of power. 


Unless given express permission, Jefferson’s equipment and instruments are not available for use by any other person. 


If Jefferson is subjected to aggressive or abusive behaviour and the ‘client’ does not remove the perpetrator, Jefferson shall be allowed to terminate his performance without penalty. The ‘client’ will still be liable for the total fees.


The required elements within ‘Clause 5: Client Responsibilities’ must be provided by the ‘client’ at their own expense and if not supplied may be considered a breach of contract. Provisions outlined in ‘Clause 5: Client Responsibilities’ are negotiable between the ‘client’ and Jefferson via Wix Events, but any modifications should be written into the ‘Booking Contract’ specifically. 


Clause 6: Jefferson’s Responsibilities


Jefferson will perform for the ‘client’ to his utmost highest standard and in the manner in which he has represented via promotional material.


Unless specifically outlined in the ‘Booking Contract’, Jefferson will provide the relevant equipment in order to carry out the performance. Jefferson is responsible for the good working order and safety of his own equipment. This is reflected by using electrical equipment and having it PAT tested annually. In addition, he has undertaken Public Liability Insurance (to a minimum of £1,000,000 cover). Jefferson is fully responsible for these matters. 


The fee outlined in the ‘Booking Contract’ and provided to Wix Events by Jefferson is fully inclusive and not subject to change. In addition, Jefferson is responsible for his own accounting and legal contributions.


Jefferson will not drink alcohol excessively before, during or after his performance. In addition, he will not use illegal drugs on the day of the event or at the venue itself in any capacity. Jefferson will be aptly attired for his performance in line with agreements made with the ‘client’ prior to the event, and he will remain courteous with the ‘client’, guests and employees of the venue always.


Jefferson will not act in any manner that is deemed damaging to the reputation of himself, or the ‘client’. Jefferson must contact the ‘client’ directly before the event in accordance with the time-frame detailed in the ‘Booking Contract’. This contact should be used to re-confirm the details in the ‘Booking Contract’ and finalise details such as parking, dress code, refreshments, payment and invoice matters. It is the responsibility of Jefferson to ensure that upon signing the ‘Booking Contract’ he is under no obligation to another party in a manner that may interfere with this booking.


Clause 7: Cancellations 


Cancellation by either party is not allowed except where ‘Clause 9: Force Majeure’ applies or where the ‘client’ and Jefferson mutually agree to cancel the booking (evidence must be provided in writing by both parties to the email address provided by Wix Events). In either event forfeiture of the booking deposit will result. 



Where the ‘client’ has cancelled the booking for reasons other than those outlined in ‘Clause 11: Force Majeure’ cancellation fees shall apply and are based on the following:


  • Where cancellation is made within 48 hours of confirmation no cancellation fee is due unless the event date is within the following 7 days, in which case the full booking fee will be due.


  • Where cancellation is made after 48 hours of confirmation but 90 days or more from the event 50% of the total remaining booking fee is due to Jefferson.


  • Where cancellation occurs within 90 days and up to 61 days of the event 75% of the total remaining booking fee will be due to Jefferson.


  • Where cancellation occurs within 60 days of the event, 100% of the total remaining booking fee will be due to Jefferson. 


  • If the ‘client’ cancels with at least 12 months’ notice of the event date no cancellation fees will be due to Jefferson as this is adequate time to secure an alternate booking. 


In all instances of cancellation, the booking deposit is non-refundable. 


All ‘client’ cancellation fees must be paid directly to Jefferson within 14 days. 


Where cancellation fees are not paid within 14 days, Jefferson may take legal action or refer the amount to a debt recovery company, which will incur additional costs. Wix Events is not responsible for the collection of Jefferson’s fee.


Clause 8: Performance Schedule Changes 


Where it is not possible to amend the contract prior to the event (E.g. on the day itself), changes should be agreed between Jefferson and the ‘client’. 


If Jefferson has been asked and agrees to perform later than the agreed finish time specified in the ‘Booking Contract’ a satisfactory additional surcharge should be agreed between both parties. The extra payment agreed should be paid to Jefferson on the day of the event.


If the timings of the event are overrunning due to no fault of Jefferson, he is under no obligation to finish later than the time specified in the ‘Booking Contract’ and is still due full payment.

If Jefferson has been asked and agrees to perform for longer than the time outlined in the ‘Booking Contract’ (i.e. extend a 45 minute performance to 60 minutes), a satisfactory additional surcharge should be agreed between both parties. The extra payment agreed should be paid to Jefferson on the day of the event. However, he is under no obligation to extend his performance should he not wish to. 


Clause 9: Force Majeure 


No party shall be liable for any failure to perform its obligations where such failure is as a result of Acts of Nature (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, terrorist activities, death, illness or other incapacity certified by a properly qualified medical practitioner, epidemic, accident, civil commotion, order of Government or Local Authority having jurisdiction in the matter or changes in law.


Any party asserting Force Majeure so as to negate liability shall have the burden of proving it and justifying that they took preventative action wherever possible to counteract the circumstance. If successfully proven, then the cancellation fees outlined in ‘Clause 7: Cancellations’ shall be unenforceable. 

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